Jennifer Srygley

I recently hired 402 Event Services to help with pulling off my daughter’s “royal wedding” on 9/14/19!  Mr. Steven assigned us Miss Colleen Krings as our planner and my daughter and I could not have been more pleased with all her hard work and help!  I am a total Type A, Do-it-yourself, Momzilla, who has lots of experience pulling off huge functions myself so I am very picky and have extremely high expectations of others BUT since my daughter was getting married in Omaha, NE, which is 6-7 hours North of me, I decided I needed help to make her day as special as I was planning.  We had already picked our venue…The Durham Museum…and they recommended Mr. Steven and his company as planners and we are so glad they did! Mr. Steven et. al., did a lovely job draping the west room in the Durham and setting up the dance hall in the east room. Miss Colleen did everything else! She took all my calls, answered all my emails, and toted all my numerous totes and succulent arrangements around for me.  She made sure that the rental company set up all of my tables/chairs/linens, etc. to match my designs, she met and helped our florist, Rachael Sjn from the Purple Orchid (you must hire her too…see my pics if you don’t believe me!)set up all our beautiful flowers, she made sure the staff was on point, serving cocktails and replenishing drinks and food as needed, she took care of our orchestra and D.J., she made sure to have a little baby jesus on all our pieces of King Cake we had flown in from NOLA, she set up our cigar bar and gift tables exquisitely, and she was an awesome Director for our wedding party and guests!  If you are not sure if you need a planner or not, make sure to call Miss Colleen or Mr. Steven and take a look at their different tiered levels of service! I didn’t really need help planning the “royal wedding” because I knew exactly what I wanted BUT I was so thankful to have Colleen to be our guide and director! She really put my mind at ease and she was awesome at getting on all the vendors and making sure everyone showed up and did what I paid them to do! She also came up with and orchestrated a stunning…literally… Sparkler Send-off in a horse and carriage which just made our “royal” wedding that much better than the real Royal Weddings!  And last but not least, she stayed late and got everything packed up and loaded into cars so none of us had to! Thank you soo much Colleen!!! We are so thankful that Mr. Steven “gave” us you! The only other thing that I can think of is I ought to send you a referee whistle…for dealing with lively crowds like ours!!! You rock Miss Colleen and Mr. Steven…feel free to show any of our pictures or steal any of our ideas as long as they keep YOU in the mix! You can also give them my phone number if you need to! Jenny Srygley, Fayetteville, Arkansas…and yes, we take weddings and their venues very seriously down here in the South!